Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ed Tech Profile ( NETS V)

This assignment we had to take the Education Technology Assessment. This showed us where we would be at with incorporating technology into our classrooms; beginner, intermediate, or proficient. With this assessment you can see the areas where you could incorporate more technology.

Inspiration (NETS III)

This assignment we used Inspiration, a graphic organizer that has many functions. We were instructed to show two different artifacts per NETS and described specifically which aspect of the NETS it satisfied and we showed with a graphic. 

Crossword (NETS II & III)

For this assignment we created an Excel Crossword, we had to view a video tutorial on how to create a themed crossword through the use of Microsoft Excel. After viewing the tutorial online, we then had to create our own crossword puzzle based on a subject or on our-self. I created my crossword on Vocabulary for fifth graders.


Wiki Page (Nets I,II,III & V)

In this assignment, our class was required to view technology tools from the classroom wiki site. We each had to chose a tool to focus on and create our own wiki page about this tool. We were instructed to choose a tool that another student had not already done. Our wiki page describes the tool and how we could use it in the classroom.

JCCS Internet Safety (NETS IV & V)

The class broke in to small groups for this assignment. We assignment was to be done on internet safety or on copyright. We had to collaborate using Google Documents to write the report. My group did internet safety which had six parts. My group only had five members so we each did one section and the one student did two.

–Identity Safety

Newsletter (NETS I & III)

For this assignment we had to create a classroom newsletter for our pretend classroom. The newsletter introduces me to my students and their parents. The newsletter share with them some activities we will be doing through out the school year.


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Each student created a iMovie to create a Public Service Announcement(PSA) about the Hate Crimes on CSUSM campus. This topic was chosen due to the recent Hate Speech crimes that have happen on several different campus including CSUSM. We used video clips and still shots to make a short (30 seconds- 60 seconds) movie about supporting diversity and stopping hate crimes.

iMove: Stop Hate Crimes on CSUSM