Saturday, January 30, 2010

Intro Letter (NETS I)

          I am Christina Edwards. I was born in Palo Alto, California. My father was a Marine so we moved around a lot, allowing me to attend many different schools. I attended kindergarten through half of my third grade in Honolulu, Hawaii. From Hawaii I attended half of third and half of forth grade in Oceanside, California. I spent the rest of my elementary years, middle school (6-8) and my freshmen year in San Diego (Mission Bay). I finished my High School years in Temecula. After High School, I attended Mt. San Jacinto Community College, for about two and half years, then I was able to transfer to Cal State San Marcos. My goal is to become an elementary/middle school teacher.
I am not great with technology.  I am a PC. I do not depend on technology on a daily basis. I check my emails maybe once or twice a week, but more during the school year. I do have a cell phone but I rarely use it, sad.  I do wish to become more technology freindly.  I use technology only when need and usually only for school purposes. I just recently purchased an Hp mini. It has the new windows 7, so windows office 07.
I applied to Cal State San Marcos because I was told by many people that it had an amazing teaching program.  The one thing that grabbed me from the mission statement is that the school is committed to diverstiy and educational equity. The idea is something that all teachers/schools should have this commitment.


  1. What elementary school did you go to in mission bay? I went to mission bay montessori academy. Not sure if that's near where you went =]

  2. hi Chrsitina i think that it is so cool you lived in hawaii its one of the places i hope to visit someday! its so funny how you write about not being a technology person and only checking your email once or twice a week, well that is me too! my experience with technology really is sad! lol