Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journal 1: Cloud Computing (NETS III & V)

Johnson, D. (2009). Computing in the clouds. International society for technology and education, 37(4), Retrieved from

This article discusses the advantage cloud computing and the opportunities it offers to access different tools online. The main advantage of cloud computing is that one does not need a lot of computer power. Cloud computing allows people to use many different computer form different areas without having to drag around a flash drive or external hard drives. Cloud computing relies on applications and file storage that resides on a network. This means that one does not have to hold all of their information on the hard drive. This offers one a chance to purchase a computer with a smaller hard drive, like a netbook that is also very inexpensive. The use of cloud computing in schools K through 12 will help the schools save money. Of course there are several concerns about cloud computing. One question I agree that a person should be asked before jumping in to the cloud computing is whether or not your files are secure. It has been stated that once something is on the web it is available for everyone to see. So if I am going to put my information on a network will it be safe. Google Apps Education Edition claims that they do not own your data and will not share your data and you are able to remove your data when you want. There are also things that schools need to consider also before jumping into the cloud. Overall cloud computing seems to be a step to step to the future.
Question 1
How will students and schools benefit from cloud computing?

I believe that cloud computing will give students access to many more tools through the Internet that are free. The best part that it cloud computing works for any grade level. For schools it is a huge financial savings for the school as well as a time saver. Each student will not need to have or create a different e-mail. Also is a financial saver for parents.

Question 2
Do you think cloud computing is something for everyone?

I think that cloud computing is very useful for any business men, students and teachers. I think that it is important for anyone thinking about starting the cloud computing is to make sure to do research on it. The idea is amazing.

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