Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal 10: Let the Kids Do the Work ( NETS I & V)

Lawlor, J. (2010, March/April). Let the kids do the work. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(6), Retrieved from

This article explains that technology can encourage students to participate in the classroom activity through the technology offered to them. These are usually the student who does not regularly participate in normal classroom activities. The technology gets students more engaged and interested in what is being taught. The article talks about how a teacher was able to get his students to be more responsible for their learning and learn how to use the technological tool for their educational advantage. The teacher realized that his students were more involved and would complete the classroom assignments if the assignments were done on the Wiki page. The teacher also realized that the students were using wiki for feedback on essays. The students were really using this new resource to improve their learning experience. I think that this is amazing that a teacher was willing to change around to make sure that what he was doing was best for his students. Once he realized that students were doing better using wiki, and modified his class to have all assignments done on wiki. It is nice to have a teacher proud of his students and be proud at the turn around his students made. It is an inspiration to see a teach make the right changes to benefit the students.

Would you use a Wiki page in your classroom?
I would definitely try it. I think that if it can engage and interest more students to complete the assignments. I would try anything to help my students be successful in their education. Wiki is a great way also for students to get peer feedback and/or help on assignment. I think that this helps with time, because it can be difficult for students to meet at a specific time but online can do it at any time of the day and almost anywhere, not limited.

Do you think that technology will enhance the classroom?
I believe that technology is one of the best ways to enhance the students learning, and the classroom. This article has showed me that student needs the right interest and engaging tools to get them to really try. Though traditional work should still be done technology is a big part of you society and should be incorporated in our classrooms.

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