Thursday, April 8, 2010

Journal 6 "Classroom 2.0" Gaming (NETS III & V)

Gaming- the idea of using games, computer games, to teach multiple subjects; like math, history, science.
I read about useing the game world of warcrafts as a game for the class. The curriculum would be set up as a series of challenges. Students will have to research and explore concepts, then create an artifact that would demonstrate mastery. Students could work in groups for the challenges, but would have to create individual artifacts. Using this game is a good ieda becuase it is one that appeals to many students because it is a popular game.
The gentalmen who propposed this idea does discuss the pros and cons this idea may present for the class. Some of the cons is the characters that the students create, paceing and grading.
Another suggested that the teacher choose the game Allience ( never heard of it). Also suggested to look at eLearning games to help with his idea, what to look for. Other are really intrested in how this will work out.
I have learned a lot about this topic. I have alwaysed thought about useing board games for teaching, but not so much about computer games, or even video games. I realized that many teachers have great ideas about using everyday tools to teach stduents in an engaging way. It also seems that these teaches who are posting their ideas are relatively new to teaching. An being a new teacher they decided to try new things or come up with many new ideas. An older teacher explained that ideas are good but to only take on one thing at a time. It is very easy for one to become overwhelmed.


  1. I think you're right about the fact that gaming will engage students who are already gaming.

  2. How controversial do you think gaming will for the parents? Will there be a permission slip for the parents?

  3. I think that permission slips should be provided, even having a classroom conference for the parents to ensure that the game is appropriate. And that the parents are okay with the choosen game.

  4. I definitely think gaming would be a great way to get students more engaged in the classroom. However, like you said their should definitely be permission slips provided, because I do not think many parents will approve of this. This kindergarten class I am observing for another education course I am taking, play computer games that have to do with reading. I thought they would be way more engaged, then what they are. Also, it would be a cost to supply enough video games for each child. This was really interesting though! = )

  5. I researched gaming for my tool as well, and I completely agree with everything you've said. Based on my own personal experience and what I know about gaming already, it definitely has potential to revolutionize (if it hasn't already) the field of education.

  6. I think gaming is a great idea that would be very well liked by students to have fun while learning. Competition is always a good way to create enthusiasm.