Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal 8: Navigate the Digital Rapids (NETS IV & V)

Lindsay, J., & Davis, V. (2010). Navigate the digital rapids. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(6), Retrieved from

The focus of this article is on how teachers can help to make our students digital citizens even though we can not control them once they leave the classroom/school. The article states that it is important for teacher to stay up to date on new technologies and how they work. It is important for teachers to realize that they can incorporate technology in to the classroom. That if you involve students in student-centered, globally connected projects, each student’s learning experience becomes markedly different. Each classroom becomes unique like its students and teachers who learn there. A customized classroom and national standards can coexist and lead to rich learning. It is important for teacher to monitor and stay engaged in the “flat classroom” (online). Teacher must plan for punishment for inappropriate behavior in these flat classrooms. Great thing about these classrooms is that they are monitored 24 hours 7 days a week. Getting started on can be scary be it is a fear that need to be faced and embraced. It is necessary for teacher to start teach students what it is to be a good digital citizen as soon as they start using computers. Of course teacher has to realize there are going to be “off-topic” moment. We are in a new generation of education, a generation of technology and it is important to use more media and technology in our lessons/classrooms.

Could these ideas be applied to any type of school?
I believe that it can. I think that it will help any and all students in their future. Our lives have become dominated with technology. This leads me to believe that technology should be in every classroom to get the success form our students.

What about schools on a budget?
Most of the tools that are used to create the “flat classroom” are based free web tools. This makes it more convenient for schools that are on a budge to have access.

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