Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journal 3: Keeping the Peace (NETS IV & V)

Levinson, Matt. (2010). Keeping the peace . International Society for Technology & Education, Retrieved from

The article was about the decision that a middle school made to give students laptops to the students for academic use that was to increase their knowledge. This idea is great to allow students a resource to do their school work but unfortunately for this school the idea backfired. The students began to use instant messaging during class instruction and iChat at home; this made a good portion of parents upset. The parents felt like the school had stepped over the boundary. Those parents believed that they should be the ones to decide if their child will use computers as well as set up the guidelines on the use. It seems that it is difficult to find the balance for technology in a classroom. As I read the article it seemed apparent that the school did not set guidelines or rules that could be enforced for the use of the laptops in the classroom. The students took advantage of the laptops in the classroom, which is something that the school must have considered when making the decision to allow the laptop. The attempt was a learning experience not only for this specific school but also for others. I have noticed that the process seemed to have a lack of communication between the school and parents. This is an issue whether dealing with the technology or not. I think that there might have been less of an uproar with parents if the school had discussed or had a meeting with the parents. It is also important for teacher, parents to understand that adult and children view technology differently, so the ideas the school has for technology is different then what the students will do with the technology.

Question 1

Would I allow my students to bring laptops into my classroom?

I think that I would not allow student to bring in their laptops to class. I think that it would be easy for the students to get distracted, but I do think that having activities using technology is a great idea.

Question 2

Do you think that there is a way to allow students to use laptops in the classroom?

I do think that it would be a great tool and resource to allow students to have laptops that they can use in the classroom and take home. I think that there are many benefits to doing this and that instant messaging can be useful when students are working on group work. Of course there is always a possibility and in this case big chance students will take advantage of the tool. SO I think there has to be a way for schools to block this or manage it, something that we should look in to.

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