Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journal 4: Finding Students who learn with Media (NETS I, III, & V)

Bull, G., Alexander, C., & Ferster, B. (2010, February). Learning and leading with technology. Finding Students who Learn with Media, 37(5), Retrieved from

This article is about how important it is for teacher to provide instruction that meets all the students’ individual needs. Teachers are have to know how each student in their classes is progressing and be able to help them succeed by understanding what the student may need. Every student is different so this process seems difficult if one has many students. Online applications, such as Primary Access, automatically collect information about a student’s performance when they are completing an assignment without the usage of traditional assessments. Of course the projects assigned align to the curriculum, which enhances both the learning and technology skills. Results show that students using these tools performed as well on exams as those who wrote traditional essays, to complete the same task. This will help teachers analyze each student’s learning style and design each lesson based on each students individual learning styles.

Question 1

As a future educator what do you thing about the online application?

I think that this is an amazing tool for all teachers to use. It is important to know how students are progressing through the year and it also get students more experience with using technology in a classroom or educational from. I would have to read and learn more about this but I think I would use this in my classroom.

Question 2

Is this application accessible for any school?

I think that any school would be able to run this application in their school. Most of the online applications fare free of charge, so schools with limited funding would be able to partake. Many schools in this era do have computers in their schools making it accessible. Yet, there is much more that goes in to decide whether a school will allow or want to do this. I think that much more thought must go into deciding whether this is good for the school.

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